Abstracts for Upcoming Meeting

Enjoy the poster forum at the Annual Meeting. Mingle with authors and attendees for an hour. Each forum will be arranged to maximize interaction with others.

View posters on terminals--making it easy to search, zoom, and switch between posters.

AAPS organizers anticipate offering 10 forums each hour in the Solution Center (formerly known as the Exhibit Hall).

Posters will be assigned to a forum based on topic; topics will be announced after this year’s poster submissions are screened.

You’ll be able to schedule a forum in the AAPS app, just like any symposium or session.

Some participants may want to view all 1,500+ posters. In case you want to see every poster, table-top terminals will be provided, making it easy to search by topic or skim the entire collection.

Come and see the latest research at the 2017 Poster Forum