Annual Meeting: PharmSci 360

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PharmSci 360 

November 4-7, 2018 

Washington, DC

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Washington DC meeting


Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C.



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Introducing PharmSci 360 for 2018

AAPS member leaders have redesigned the annual meeting to address user needs. Members told AAPS that they are now responsible for learning and understanding more about the cross-pollination of the biomolecular and chemical entities. AAPS has responded to this need by redesigning every aspect of the annual meeting, to create a more impactful format, PharmSci 360.

This new meeting is designed to:

  • Increase collaboration between small molecule and biologics-focused scientists
  • Provide conference attendees a meaningful and engaging learning experience
  • Focus on new research and accomplish business objectives
  • Provide training on new hot topics
  • Take advantage of the great strength of the AAPS community: cross-discipline learning experiences

The Program

Every part of the new event is designed to build up scientific knowledge and collaboration. There will be sessions grouped into tracks and split into chemical and biomolecule areas.


The scientific program will be grouped into five tracks:  

  • Preclinical including Discovery
  • Bioanalytical
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Manufacturing & Bioprocessing
  • Formulation & Quality

Within each track, the program will offer parallel tracks covering the chemical entity and biomolecule areas, each offering scientific depth through symposia, keynote talks, and rapid-fire presentations.

Each of those tracks will be split into two disciplines, and attendees will be able to follow a thematic topic from end to end through the different tracks, to gain breadth in that area.

Rapid-fire Presentations
The final piece of the programming will be the rapid-fire presentations.

These presentations will feature new scientific research never presented at other meetings. Scientists can expect novel, cutting-edge research—only available at PharmSci 360.

The Solution Center
The new Solution Center will feature both proven and experimental methods of learning and connecting, through exhibiting partner booths, Poster Forums, the Career Development Center, and our new Communities. The Solution Center features unique meeting spaces, including the central Hub, designed to encourage conversation and collaboration.

The Program Development Process

A new committee is being formed to develop programming, the 2018 PharmSci 360 Programming Committee. AAPS will announce details on this committee in November, at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego.  

The committee will identify potential critical track themes for 2018 based on:

  • Chemical questions and topics, focusing on top concerns for chemical scientists
  • Biomolecular science questions and topics, focusing on top concerns for biomolecular scientists


  • November 2017: Committee details will be announce in November at the Annual Meeting in San Diego.
  • February 2018: The committee will finalize the two hot tracks for 2018
  • March 2018: Once the tracks and the objectives for each track’s daily programming are determined, AAPS will issue a targeted call for symposia proposals
  • May 2018: Final selection of proposals will be announced. All proposals must follow the targeted call based on specific tracks
  • September 2018: The rapid-fire presentation schedule will be announced

We look forward to your participation in preparing for the new PharmSci 360.

Exhibiting at AAPS PharmSci 360 in 2018

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PharmSci 360 Exhibitor Portal

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FAQ About AAPS PharmSci 360

The AAPS team answers the most frequently asked questions about AAPS' brand-new event for 2018, PharmSci 360.


Q1: Is PharmSci 360 replacing the Annual Meeting?

A1: The AAPS Annual Meeting will end this year.  Next year, we will launch a brand new event with a different program and format, AAPS PharmSci 360.  This will take place in November 2018.

Q2: Why are the AAPS National Biotech Conference and Annual Meeting ending?

A2: AAPS member leaders lobbied together for a new meeting because they have recognized the pharmaceutical sciences industry has changed.  Members told us that they are now responsible to learn and understand the cross-pollination of the biomolecular and chemical entities.


Q3: How is PharmSci different from the Annual Meeting and the National Biotech Conference?

A3: Our past meeting, the National Biotech Conference, focused only on biomolecular and the AAPS Annual Meeting featured split  programming – 70%  chemical and 30%  biomolecular.  Since this programming no longer addresses our members’ needs, we created PharmSci 360 to do just that.


Q4: What does the PharmSci 360 program look like?

A4: PharmSci 360 has a dramatically different schedule and program than previous events had. In a nutshell, AAPS PharmSci 360 has five scientific tracks, and each is split in half over Biomolecular and Chemical science, so there will be two topics running across all the tracks. 

Q5:  How did you choose the Solution Center sections?

A5: The Solution Center mirrors the 5 scientific tracks.  For companies who align with multiple areas, they have the option to reserve in the general section.


Q6: When will the programming be decided, and can I participate?

A6: The new PharmSci 360 Programming Committee will request program proposals in Spring 2018.

Q7: How can I get in on this new event?

A7: Register now! There is a special early discount for anyone who registers for PharmSci360 during the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego….this will be the absolute lowest registration fee for the event.  




A Day at PharmSci 360 

Each topic will offer parallel tracks covering the chemical entity and biomolecular areas

Biomolecular track

Morning sessions

Track 1

Afternoon sessions

Track 2

Chemical track

Morning sessions
Track 3
Afternoon sessions
Track 4