Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at the Annual Meeting

Conference Buddies

Calling all our AAPS Annual Meeting veterans! AAPS is seeking veteran attendees to be Conference Buddies for our first-time attendees to help them navigate the meeting, feel welcomed, and find their home within AAPS. Not only will you be helping first-timers, but you'll be building your own network and possibly making a new friend.

To become a Conference Buddy, email Nikki Blackwell. Conference Buddy volunteers will receive information to connect you with a first-time attendee and tips in the coming weeks.

Poster Forum Hosts

AAPS is introducing a new Poster Forum format at this year's meeting where all 2,000+ posters will appear in intimate, topic-based conversational spaces. We need Poster Forum Hosts to greet attendees, connect attendees with poster authors, monitor screen usage, and share how AAPS has helped your career.

Poster Hosts will receive training on how to “Network like an Introvert”—knowing how to network is an important skill to help you forge new relationships and accomplish your goals at the meeting and in your professional life.

Poster Forums will be held throughout the meeting from November 13-15 in one-hour time slots. We have a large number of slots available, so please take time to review the schedule and topics, and sign up for as many Forums as your schedule allows.

View the Poster Forum schedule and sign up as a Host today! You will receive confirmation of your time(s) and details about the training.

Spotlight Opportunities

Call for AAPS Executive Council Nominations

The AAPS Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the AAPS president-elect, treasurer, and member-at-large for terms beginning at the 2018 AAPS PharmSci 360. Candidates for the AAPS Executive Council must be AAPS members.

AAPS depends on elected Executive Council members to fulfill our mission to advance the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health. Service on the Executive Council is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience, and make lasting connections with a team of other passionate and motivated professionals.

Help lead AAPS and your profession into the future. We invite you to apply to be part of this dynamic and exciting team.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, complete the Nomination Form by January 19, 2018 and submit it by email to Maria Nadeau

New AAPS Communities Volunteer Openings Coming Soon

In 2018, AAPS sections and focus groups are shifting to a community-focused format to enhance members' networking, discussions, and knowledge-sharing.

Why volunteer:
  • Advance the science in your field
  • Broaden your network
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Help others learn & grow
New positions will include:

Community Leader
Coordinator & point-of-contact

Community Facilitator
Leads online discussions

Community Administrator
Maintain resources

Community Content Administrator
Develop learning opportunities

More information and details about how to apply will be available in early 2018.

Opportunity Description Approximate Time Commitment How To Contribute
Develop a Webinar Webinars offer a great opportunity to deliver the latest information on pharmaceutical science topics without the need for travel or time away from home and office. 7 hours Visit the AAPS Webinars webpage
Resume Advisor AAPS is seeking mentors to serve as a resume advisor and provide one-time counseling to an individual seeking to improve his/her resume. 3 hours Email Kate Chutuape
Share Your Ideas Tell us how can AAPS help you. Share your ideas for scientific and professional development offerings. 5 minutes (more time is required if you volunteer to develop the idea) Complete the Share Your Ideas form
Visiting Scientist Program A forum for pharmaceutical scientists to visit colleges and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with students. 2 hours to prepare a presentation; 1 day for the visit Email Kate Chutuape

Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering, but you don't have a lot of time to spare? We offer a variety of opportunities including knowledge-sharing, resume counseling, offering feedback, and student chapter visits.

Extended Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and talent, we provide easy access to a wide range of long-term volunteer opportunities that last up to a year or more. Whether you want to contribute to specific programs (book editing, mentoring, or programming) or get involved within your niche community (discussion groups, focus groups, or sections), we can help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

Authors/Editors for the AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Book Series

Consider identifying an area of science for which the fundamental knowledge and/or skills are relatively concrete and easy to describe. Decide if you want to be a chapter author, where you can describe part of these foundational concepts, or if you want to be a book editor, where you can lace the chapter pieces together to tell a cohesive and coherent story.

  1. Chapter authors can expect a three- to six-month commitment (depending on your personal writing style and scheduling availability). Most of the work will be done within a short time early in the project, with a follow-up check-in when the book is completed. Book editors can expect a bit longer commitment (largely dependent on how responsible the chapter authors are to meeting deadlines).
  2. Book editors do not have much work at the start of the project and typically have more concentrated periods of activity as the chapters are being submitted through to book production. This time commitment may be closer to 9-12 months (perhaps a bit longer), but only a few months where there is a heavier load.

Do you have ideas, but are not sure where to go with them? Email Robin Zavod or call her at +1.630.515.6478. Robin would be happy to help stitch book projects together, potentially bringing authors from multiple institutions together, to fill gaps in expertise.

Be A Mentor

AAPS is revising its long-standing mentoring program to better serve graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and other professionals seeking knowledge, encouragement, and guidance from an experienced professional. The program will be facilitated by the Ambassadors Coordination Committee (ACC) and will continue to support the professional development needs of AAPS members.

ACC is seeking mentors to participate in the mentoring program and are interested in establishing a one-on-one relationship for approximately six to 12 months with a mentee. Email Kate Chutuape if you are interested in this opportunity.