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Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee Call for Volunteers

Help Keep AAPS a Welcoming Place for All Scientists!

The Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Committee assists the Board in ensuring that AAPS is a welcoming organization to all scientists by providing a transparent, inclusive experience and creating equitable access to valuable personal and professional development opportunities for all members.

The DEI Committee is charged with:

  • Surveying members about their experiences and needs in the DEI space related to personal and professional development.
    Preparing reports for the Board about AAPS’ membership that draw on both internal and external benchmarking data to illuminate DEI challenges affecting AAPS members within the organization.
  • Observing the AAPS nomination and selection processes for programs, products, and services that use volunteers, or that select members for recognition or opportunities.
  •  Assessing whether AAPS systems are supporting a diverse membership and providing inclusive and equitable access to members.
  • Advising the Board on changes to nomination and selection processes in order produce a measurably more diverse membership with inclusive and equitable access to professional and personal development opportunities through AAPS.
  • Developing training for AAPS volunteers to ensure adherence to AAPS’ core values as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Recommending to the Board goals, metrics, and a workplan to drive AAPS to become a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable association.
  • Monitoring progress against a Board-approved workplan on DEI goals.
  • Appoint DEI liaisons to AAPS Committees as directed by the Board or requested by AAPS Committees.

For more information, read the DEI Committee’s charge.

AAPS now seeks applicants for 2 committee positions and the position of vice chair. 

This committee advocates for scientists who find less representation of themselves in AAPS. As such, when selecting committee members, members will be considered based on:

  • A diversity of educational and professional experiences and backgrounds
  • Various levels of previous service in AAPS leadership
  • Special experience and training with DEI initiatives

Requirements for Members:

  • Membership in AAPS at time of appointment and throughout service.
  • Prepare for and attend hour-long, monthly meetings.
  • Attend hour-long committee meetings as a liaison on behalf of the committee if asked.
  • Use AAPS' web-based platforms, including Microsoft Teams and the AAPS Communities, to participate in committee meetings, access agenda, and exchange information with other Board members.
  • Support and promote the AAPS Diversity Statement

Apply Now!

AAPS will accept applications until Monday, October 16.

All candidates will be notified of their status in early November.

Volunteer for the AAPS Newsmagazine Editorial Content Committee

Help Develop Articles for the AAPS Newsmagazine

The Editorial Content Committee (ECC) assists in sourcing and assessing relevant scientific, technical, industry, and pharmaceutical business content for the AAPS Newsmagazine. This includes recommending topics, concepts, and themes; recruiting authors; reviewing articles when requested based on a rubric; and recruiting expert reviewers as needed. The committee also provides input on special features and other magazine content as requested by AAPS Content Manager Kristen Kalmann. Committee members may contribute articles themselves.

AAPS is seeking a vice chair for the committee who can advance to chair in 2025, and at least two members.


  • Be a member at time of application and throughout your one year of service
  • Belong to at least one AAPS Community
  • Attend an hour-long teleconference each month
  • Occasionally be available to review an article or two, each about 500-1,000 words, within 3-5 days
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a scientific or technical area
  • Willing to encourage others in creating and submitting scientific presentation proposals through your personal networks, social media, and the AAPS Communities
  • Ability to use web-based software, including Microsoft Teams and the AAPS Communities platform

Application deadline: Wednesday, October 18.

Read the ECC’s charge (PDF) for more information.

Volunteer Today!

Applicants will be notified about their status in November.

AAPS seeks experienced scientists to lead the 2024 PharmSci 360 Scientific Programming Committee!

Help select sessions and recruit speakers for the symposia, keynotes, and prologues that will be presented at PharmSci 360 October 20-23, 2024, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This event will be face-to-face and all committee members are expected to attend in person.

Learn more about all the tracks. 

PharmSci 360’s Tracks

  • Discovery & Basic Research
  • Preclinical and Translational Sciences
  • Bioanalytics
  • Manufacturing and Analytical Characterization
  • Formulation and Delivery
    Available Positions

    AAPS is seeking volunteers or the following positions:




    2024 Vice Chair

    The selected individual will serve as vice chair in 2024, and automatically advance to chair in 2025. This individual will also serve as the 2024 chair of the Abstract Screening Committee.

    Refer to attachment (PDF)

    2024 Track Chairs

    There are 5 track chairs; each oversees a single track.

    Refer to attachment (PDF)

    2024 Track Leaders

    There are 10 track leaders – 2 per track. Each has either a chemical or biological focus.

    Refer to attachment (PDF)


    To qualify for consideration, you must:

    • Be an AAPS member in good standing at time of application and throughout service.
    • Commit to the requirements outlined in the position descriptions listed above. 
    • Participate in planning meetings, including monthly Scientific Programming Committee conference calls.
    • Develop the track, including selecting sessions; organizing the flow of sessions and entering them into the programming grid; recruiting speakers; and managing speakers up to and during the meeting.
    • Attend the 2024 PharmSci 360 in person in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • Complete this submission form
    • Must not be a member of any *other AAPS Committee.
    • Must be a member of an AAPS Community.

    Submit your application by 5pm ET, Tuesday October 25, 2023.

    Applicants will be notified about their application status in November.

    Complete the submission form!

    *Attention: AAPS members are prohibited from serving on more than one AAPS Committee at a time to ensure that many voices from the membership are represented in AAPS’ governance and in the selection of science and programming. 

    Members will not be considered for roles on other committees until their term is complete.

    Members may participate in short-term volunteer activities (e.g., task forces, moderating a session, serving as a mentor) at any time, regardless of their service on an AAPS Committee.

    Apply for the 2024 Summer Scientific Forum Scientific Programming Committee

    Help develop the scientific agenda for the AAPS Summer Scientific Forum, taking place July 22-25 in Kansas City, MO. Learn more about the Summer Scientific Forum.

    AAPS is seeking: 

    • A Committee Vice Chair with a Bioanalysis background* who will advance to chairing the committee in 2025
    • 1 Track Chair (Bioanalysis)
    • 2 Track Vice Chairs to lead the Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis Tracks
    • 8-10 Track Leaders to support the Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis Tracks

    * AAPS generally alternates between candidates with strength in Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis to ensure that the Committee Chair and Vice Chair have complementary strengths.

    Requirements Include:

    • Be an AAPS member in good standing at time of application and throughout service.
    • Commit to attending the Summer Scientific Forum in Kansas City, MO, July 22 - 25 in person.
    • Commit to the requirements outlined in the position description for Committee Vice Chair (PDF),  Track Chair (PDF), Track Vice Chair (PDF), and Track Leader (PDF).
    • Participate in planning meetings, including monthly Scientific Programming Committee conference calls.
    • Develop the track, including selecting sessions; organizing the flow of sessions and entering them into the programming grid; recruiting speakers; and managing speakers up to and during the meeting.
    • Use social media, the AAPS Communities, and your personal network to recruit speakers and promote the meeting.

    Application deadline: November 7. 

    Apply Now!

    Applicants will be notified about their application status in December

    Volunteer Opportunities Available Throughout the Year

    AAPS Communities

    Join a scientific or career-focused AAPS Community leadership team to enhance members' networking, discussions, and knowlegde-sharing.

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    AAPS Community Ambassadors

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    Develop a Webinar

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    Visiting Scientist Program

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    Write for AAPS Newsmagazine

    Share a person story for the Members Voices column or a scientific article for a cover story.

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    AAPS Mentoring Program

    Become a mentor and share your knowledge and advice with a mentee.

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    Thank You, Volunteers!

    AAPS leadership and staff thank all of AAPS’ volunteers for their amazing contributions in advancing the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health. Because of your support, AAPS members benefit from opportunities to learn, grow, and excel in their careers.