Staff Name

Phone Number

Executive Walt Marlowe, Executive Director +1.703.248.4701
Liz Guffey, Human Resources Manager +1.703.248.4706
Business Development Erik Burns, Director, Corporate Engagement +1.703.248.2800
Kate Hawley, Business Development Manager +1.703.248.4785
Katherine Wrona , Business Development Sales Associate +1.703.248.4739
Finance and Administration
Jackie Councill, Senior Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4732
Vien Phongsavan, Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4733
Doris Walker, Receptionist/Accounting Assistant +1.703.243.2800
Mila Wojtaszek, Senior Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4734
Information Technology Sherry Martin, Director +1.703.248.4770
Meetings Stephenie Zvonkovich, Meetings Manager +1.703.248.4782
Emma Trentanove, Meeting Planner +1.703.248.4735
Rasheena Wilson, Exhibit Operations Manager +1.703.248.4743
Member Products Joy Davis, Managing Director, Member Products +1.703.248.4702
Katie Baumer, Community Manager +1.703.248.4772
Nikki Blackwell, Member Groups Manager +1.703.248.4787
Teresa Homrich, Abstract Tech Manager +1.703.248.4792
Maria Nadeau, Senior Member Groups Manager +1.703.248.4709
Me’Gesha Portlock, Awards and Fellows Coordinator +1.703.248.4781
Meredith Weston Voelkel, Senior Manager, Learning Development and Design +1.703.248.4775
Lesleigh Raye, Education Manager  +1.703.248.4730
Chuck Salvetti, Senior Manager, Membership and Customer Service +1.703.248.4720
Bridget Marquise, Membership Specialist +1.703.248.4731

Catherine Abbott, Director, Publications


Linda Brown, Managing Editor


Matt Baughman, Publications Manager

Public Outreach

Stacey May, Director