Officers & Committees

Executive Council

The AAPS Executive Council welcomes you to AAPS and appreciates your interest in & support of our activities.

The AAPS Executive Council serves as the board of directors & is responsible for AAPS’ financial health & ensuring that all programs & activities are in accordance with the association’s vision, mission, & values.


Are you interested in learning more about our committees? The AAPS Executive Council establishes standing & ad hoc committees as necessary with specific charges to assist the EC in pursuing AAPS’ mission as defined in the strategic plan.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees oversee specific programs and processes in EC-defined areas on a long-term basis. Our current standing committees include:

Abstract Screening Committee

Manages the review of all contributed papers submitted for presentation at the PharmSci 360 meetings & oversees the screening process of all PharmSci 360 meeting travelships.

Ambassadors Coordination Committee

Identifies opportunities & implements planning to communicate the value & benefits of AAPS & the field of pharmaceutical sciences through strategic outreach.

Audit Committee

Assists the Executive Council in discharging its fiduciary responsibilities.

Awards Committee

Approves new awards, recommends changes for existing awards, & works to increase number of award applicants.

Career Development Committee

Empowers career development for AAPS members across all sectors & career stages for pharmaceutical scientists.

Fellows Committee

Selects AAPS Fellows as submitted through the AAPS Fellows nomination process.

Nominations Committee

Seeks, identifies, & nominates the best candidates for AAPS Executive Council president, treasurer, & members‐at‐large.

PharmSci 360 Meeting Content Programming Committee

Responsible for planning high-quality scientific content that engages the audience target for the AAPS PharmSci 360 meetings.

Feel free to reach out to a committee chair if you have an idea or suggestion. Please visit our online committee directory for a complete listing of committee members.

Meet the 2017 AAPS Executive Council Members


Front Row Left to Right: Bill Weiser (treasurer), Chris McCurdy (president-elect), Binodh DeSilva (president), Greg Amidon (past president), Annette Bak (member-at-large)

Back Row Left to Right: Bernd Meibohm (member-at-large), Bob Chapman (member-at-large), Stacey Tannenbaum (member-at-large), Joe Polli (member-at-large), Walt Marlowe (executive director)