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PharmSci 360 

AAPS PharmSci 360 - What is it?

Advancing Pharmaceutical Sciences

Next year, AAPS will offer a dynamic new format for members to meet and greet: AAPS PharmSci 360. The meeting is designed to raise potential for greater collaboration between small molecule and biologics-focused scientists, to provide conference attendees a meaningful and engaging learning experience, to focus on new research and accomplish business objectives, and highlight the main attribute of the AAPS community: cross-discipline learning experiences on contemporary “hot topics.”
The scientific program will be grouped into five topics: 

Preclinical Development 
Clinical Pharmacology 
Manufacturing & Bioprocessing 
Formulation and Quality 

Within each topic, the program will offer parallel tracks covering the chemical entity and biomolecule areas, each offering scientific depth via numerous seminars, keynote talks, and rapid-fire presentations. 

 In addition, each year two new hot topics will be addressed: one chemical entity critical topic and one a biomolecular critical topic. Each of those topics will be woven into the tracks, and attendees will be able to follow the topic from end to end through the different disciplines, if they wish to gain breadth in that area. 



Program Development 

The new 2018 PharmSci 360 Programming Committee will be announced in San Diego at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition.

The committee will jump into planning mode first by identifying potential critical topical themes for 2018 based on which questions need to be the focus for the chemical entity audience and which are pressing for the biomolecular scientist. The committee will finalize the two hot topics for 2018 in February.

Once the topics and the objectives for each track’s daily programming are determined, AAPS will issue a targeted call for symposia proposals in March. Final selection of proposals will be announced in May. All proposals must follow the targeted call based on specific topics. 

The final piece of the programming will be the rapid fire presentations. These will feature new scientific research never before presented at other meetings. Scientists can expect novel, cutting-edge research—only available at PharmSci 360. The rapid fire presentation schedule will be announced in September.


Exhibiting at AAPS PharmSci 360 in 2018

Priority space selection is available for exhibiting partners who reserved space at the 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition. 

Appointment Schedule

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Loyalty Point Process 

Loyalty Point Process (PDF)

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