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Phone Number

Executive Walt Marlowe, Executive Director +1.703.248.4701
Liz Guffey, Human Resources Manager +1.703.248.4706
Business Development Jeff Sproehnle, Director +1.703.248.4788
Kate Hawley, Business Development Manager +1.703.248.4785
Sara Schwartz, Business Development Coordinator +1.703.248.4743
Finance and Administration Barry McFarlane, Director +1.703.248.4776
Jackie Councill, Senior Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4732
Vien Phongsavan, Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4733
Chris Taylor, Office Administrator +1.703.248.4704
Doris Walker, Receptionist/Accounting Assistant +1.703.243.2800
Mila Wojtaszek, Senior Staff Accountant +1.703.248.4734
Information Technology Sherry Martin, Director +1.703.248.4770
Knowledge Management Joy Davis, Managing Director, Member Products +1.703.248.4702
Katie Baumer, Community Manager +1.703.248.4772
Nikki Blackwell, Member Groups Manager +1.703.248.4787
Teresa Homrich, Abstract Tech Manager +1.703.248.4792
Maura Imparato, Web Manager +1.703.248.4713
Maria Nadeau, Senior Member Groups Manager +1.703.248.4709
Me’Gesha Portlock, Awards and Fellows Coordinator +1.703.248.4781
Meredith Weston Voelkel, Senior Manager, Learning Development and Design +1.703.248.4775
Meetings Grace Jones, Director
Jackson Harar, Registration and Exhibition Manager +1.703.248.4793
Ian Hoch, Meetings and Exhibitions Coordinator +1.703.248.4786
Elizabeth Scuderi, Senior Meetings Manager +1.703.248.4789
Kelly Gerstenberg, Meetings Manager, Workshops +1.703.248.4763
Membership Chuck Salvetti, Senior Manager, Membership and Customer Service +1.703.248.4720
Candace Crowell, Membership Specialist +1.703.248.4722.
Bridget Marquise, Membership Specialist +1.703.248.4731

Catherine Abbott, Director


Linda Brown, Managing Editor


Matt Baughman, Publications Manager


Sitki Kazanci, Graphic Design Manager

Public Outreach Stacey May, Director +1.703.248.4740
Kate Chutuape, Public Outreach Manager +1.703.248.4737
Meghan Gerardo, AAPS Foundation Manager +1.703.248.4796


Various members of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) gathered during the 2013 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition to discuss why they chose a career in pharmaceutical sciences and how AAPS has helped foster their journey. The I Am AAPS video series displays the diversity of AAPS membership while exhibiting one common goal: to impact global health.

Les Benet, Ph.D., AAPS Founder

Bonnie Avery, Ph.D., Chemist

Curious about our Code of Ethics?  Read on to learn more.

AAPS member scientists recognize their special obligations to society and the public welfare.  They utilize their expertise with integrity to advance the health and welfare of mankind.  In their scientific pursuits they:


  • Conduct their work in a manner that adheres to the highest principles of scientific research so as to merit the confidence and trust of peers and the public in particular regarding the rights of human subjects and concern for the proper use of animals involved and provision for suitable safeguards against environmental damage.
  • Avoid scientific misconduct and expose it when encountered. AAPS uses the current federal definition of scientific misconduct, 65 FR 76260-76264:  Fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research or reporting research results.
  • Recognize latitude for differences of scientific opinion in the interpretation of scientific data and that such differences of opinion do not constitute unethical conduct.
  • Disclose sources of external financial support for, or significant financial interests in the content of, research reports/publications and avoid the manipulation of the release of such information for illegal financial gain.
  • Report results accurately, stating explicitly any known or suspected bias, opposing efforts to improperly modify data or conclusions an offering professional advice only on those subjects concerning which they regard themselves competent through scientific education, training or experience.
  • Respect the known ownership rights of others in scientific research and seek prior authorization from the owner before disclosure or use of such information including the contents of manuscripts submitted for pre-publication review.
  • Support in their research and among their employers the participation and employment of all qualified persons regardless of race, gender, creed or national origin.


  View a printable copy of the Code of Ethics