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AAPS PharmSci 360 exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities continue to expand. To ensure you receive timely, top-notch support, AAPS is partnering with NTP Events. NTP’s experienced team now handles your exhibit sales and sponsorship needs.

NTP Events Contact

Rich Hodge, Sales Manager

Business Development Team

Erik Burns, Senior Director, Corporate Engagement and Strategic Business Initiatives | +1.703.248.4738

Mary Nugent, Account Manager | +1.703.248.4775

Exhibit Operations

Rasheena Wilson, Exhibit Operations Manager
+1.703.248.4743 | WilsonR@aaps.org


Customer Service
Maritz Global Events

Attendees: aaps@maritz.com
Exhibitors: aapsexh@maritz.com
Phone: (219) 354-6584