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Management Training

Master Crucial Conversations

Your ability to hold a crucial conversation at work is key to your ability to lead a team, meet goals, and collaborate with your colleagues. Learn how be “heard in the herd” in the Career Development Center at AAPS PharmSci 360. Add these sessions to your schedule on the PharmSci 360 app, and look for them in the Career Development Center, located in the Solution Center (Exhibit Hall).

Career Development Sessions:

    • How to Say "This isn't Working Out"
    • Workplace Anxiety: Moving from Stress to Strengths
    • Women in Pharmaceutical Science: Tackling Questions Halting Career Progression for Women
    • How to Connect, Convey, and Convince When You Converse
    • Pebbles in Your Mouth: Mastering the Art of Speaking Clearly
    • Reevaluate, Refocus, and Reignite Your Career After a Bad Employment Relationship
    • Get Social: Leverage Scientific Communication and Social Media to Build Your Brand

    • Getting Your Foot on the Rung of the Leadership Ladder
Details about these sessions are included in the Full Program. Look for them under "Career Development."

Full Program


Find a Job, Get Career Advice

The online PharmSci 360 Career Development Center helps employers and candidates connect at PharmSci 360. Upload your résumé and get found! Once you have registered for PharmSci 360, you will receive an email giving you access to the online center.

  • Upload your résumé
  • Browse job openings
  • Contact companies attending PharmSci 360 hoping to meet candidates
  • Book an interview

While you are in the Career Center, take time to meet exhibiting companies that are hiring now.

Don’t miss the LinkedIn Bar, where you can get a free critique of your LinkedIn profile. AAPS members have told us that LinkedIn is the social media platform they turn to first—make sure you are putting your best foot forward online.

Résumé Review Appointments Available

Sign up to have your résumé reviewed! AAPS arranges for a professional working in your field to meet with you to discuss your résumé through our résumé review program. Seating is limited and booked in advance, so sign up early!

Sign up at

Interested in reviewing resumes? Email and tell us you'd like to help.

Recruiter Opportunities

Thousands of scientists, managers, and executives will visit the AAPS Career Development Center at PharmSci 360 this
November. More than 20% of them are seeking new positions and will come to the meeting with that goal in mind. If
you’re looking to attract top talent to your organization, you should be here!

  • Meet candidates on‐site; tables and private interview booths available
  • Post jobs and make appointments before the meeting using the online job board
  • Review poster abstracts before the meeting; use our app to contact candidates you want to meet
  • Volunteer for a shift at the LinkedIn Bar or serve as a resume reviewer
  • Visit the poster forums and meet potential hires presenting their science first hand
Recruiter Opportunities

To book a booth at the meeting, post an opening on the Online Job Board, or participate in the LinkedIn Bar, contact Kate Hawley.