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Call for Abstract Screeners

AAPS seeks volunteers to screen poster abstracts for PharmSci 360.  Screeners must agree to:

1. Review and select themes/topics (known on the screener site as Review Groups) in which they are experienced.

Learn More About Tracks and Topics (PDF) 

2. Review Screener Training before reviewing any abstracts.

3. Spend a few minutes familiarizing themselves with the applicable literature.

4. Spend a few minutes reading an abstract and answering a few questions about it. 

5. Review assigned abstracts June 14- July 11, and/or during the Late Breaking Poster Abstract screening period, September 7–18.

Note that Chrome and Firefox web browsers are recommended for use with the screener system. Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported. 

AAPS is especially interested in finding screeners who have the backgrounds listed under “subtopic” in this document (PDF).

Ready to apply?

Screener Application

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Suggested Citation Example:

Wang T, Agarwal S, Elmquist W. Brain Distribution of Cediranib Is Limited by Active Efflux at the BBB. Poster presentation at the 2011 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition; October 23–27, 2011; Washington, D.C. Poster M1308. http://abstracts.aaps.org/Published/Browse.aspx?colID=14. Accessed July 22, 2015.


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