Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at PharmSci 360

Resume Reviewers

Are you interested in giving back to the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists? Consider becoming a resume reviewer and make meaningful connections with scientists looking to rise within your field. Email resumereview@aaps.org by October 15 to volunteer as a reviewer.

Help First-Time Attendees as a Conference Buddy

Calling all AAPS veterans! AAPS is seeking veteran attendees to be Conference Buddies for our first-time attendees to help them navigate the meeting, feel welcomed, and find their home within AAPS. Not only will you be helping first-timers, but you'll be building your own network and possibly making a new friend.

To become a Conference Buddy, email Me'Gesha Portlock.

Conference Buddy volunteers will receive information to connect you with a first-time attendee and tips in late October.

Spotlight Opportunities

Become a Journal Social Media Editor

Pharmaceutical Research (PHAM) is in search of a Social Media Editor. This role will develop the PHAM social media presence and improve online engagement with the journal’s online audience, in order to help grow usage and traffic.

Write a Cover Article for AAPS Newsmagazine

AAPS Newsmagazine is one of the highest-rated AAPS member benefits, and the scientific cover articles are the most read articles in the magazine. Join 20+ years of authors who have shared their expertise and perspectives on some of the hottest trends in pharmaceutical science.

2019 Cover Article Topics

Topics fall into five general areas: Preclinical Development, Bioanalytics, Clinical Pharmacology, Formulation and Quality, and Manufacturing and Bioprocessing. Find a list of specific topics for cover articles on the AAPS Newsmagazine website.

For more information and to apply, visit the AAPS Newsmagazine website. Apply today before your topic area is filled!

Seeking Student and PostDoc Moderators for PharmSci 360 Rapid Fire Sessions

For 2 hours every afternoon, PharmSci 360 will present Rapid Fires – a series of short presentations run back-to-back. Each Rapid Fire is only 13 minutes long – 10 minutes of presentation, followed by 3 minutes of questions. They will be offered 3-5pm on Monday, November 5; Tuesday, November 6; and Wednesday, November 7.

Moderators for these sessions will be responsible for:

  • Keeping the session running on time—each speaker only has 10 minutes to talk!
  • Facilitating the Q&A
  • Briefly introducing speakers
  • Moving speakers on and off the stage

Moderators will be assigned in the order that they apply, until all openings are filled!  

Apply today to ensure you get to participate in this new event. Applications are due Friday, September 21. Rapid Fire moderators are not eligible for any discounts or reimbursements.   

All accepted applicants will be notified in early October. 

Questions? Contact meetings@aaps.org.

Serve on Our Career Development Committee

Grow your network and credibility as a leader and educator while helping other scientists at every career level navigate change. The AAPS Career Development Committee is looking for individuals who are passionate about advancing the capacity of all members of the pharmaceutical community. The committee is seeking to add 5 new members who have a sense for how the tides are changing in the pharmaceutical industry, and how to identify and navigate emerging and future workforce trends.


  • Be an AAPS member for at least 1 year at the time of application
  • Membership must be maintained throughout the nomination process
  • A minimum of 5 years professional experience in one or more of the following environments: Big Pharma/Biotech, FDA/CFDA, Standards and Measure (USP), or talent acquisition
  • R&D leadership and/or business analyst skills are preferred 


Committee member will spend approximately 3-4 hours a month to participate in the following:

  • Review career development webinar proposals
  • Develop the goals for and review program submissions to AAPS PharmSci 360’s career development track
  • Contribute ideas and content to the AAPS Newsmagazine
Attendance at the PharmSci 360 meeting is encouraged to help support programming initiatives.

Ready to apply?
Apply online by Friday, October 5.

All applicants will be notified about their application status by October 26.
Opportunity Description Approximate Time Commitment How To Contribute
Develop a Webinar Webinars offer a great opportunity to deliver the latest information on pharmaceutical science topics without the need for travel or time away from home and office. 7 hours Visit the AAPS Webinars webpage
Share Your Ideas Let us know how AAPS can help you. Share your ideas for scientific and professional development offerings. 5 minutes (more time is required if you volunteer to develop the idea) Email Meredith Voelkel
Visiting Scientist Program A forum for pharmaceutical scientists to visit colleges and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with students. 2 hours to prepare a presentation; 1 day for the visit Email Chuck Salvetti

Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering, but you don't have a lot of time to spare? We offer a variety of opportunities including knowledge-sharing, resume counseling, offering feedback, and student chapter visits.

Extended Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and talent, we provide easy access to a wide range of long-term volunteer opportunities that last up to a year or more. Whether you want to contribute to specific programs (book editing, mentoring, or programming) or get involved within your niche community (discussion groups, focus groups, or sections), we can help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

Authors/Editors for the AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Book Series

Consider identifying an area of science for which the fundamental knowledge and/or skills are relatively concrete and easy to describe. Decide if you want to be a chapter author, where you can describe part of these foundational concepts, or if you want to be a book editor, where you can lace the chapter pieces together to tell a cohesive and coherent story.

  1. Chapter authors can expect a three- to six-month commitment (depending on your personal writing style and scheduling availability). Most of the work will be done within a short time early in the project, with a follow-up check-in when the book is completed. Book editors can expect a bit longer commitment (largely dependent on how responsible the chapter authors are to meeting deadlines).
  2. Book editors do not have much work at the start of the project and typically have more concentrated periods of activity as the chapters are being submitted through to book production. This time commitment may be closer to 9-12 months (perhaps a bit longer), but only a few months where there is a heavier load.

Do you have ideas, but are not sure where to go with them? Email Robin Zavod or call her at +1.630.515.6478. Robin would be happy to help stitch book projects together, potentially bringing authors from multiple institutions together, to fill gaps in expertise.

New AAPS Communities Volunteer Opportunities

In 2018, AAPS sections and focus groups are shifting to a community-focused format to enhance members' networking, discussions, and knowledge-sharing.

New positions include:

Community Leader
Coordinator & point-of-contact

Community Facilitator
Leads online discussions

Community Administrator
Maintain resources

Community Content Administrator
Develop learning opportunities

Learn more about these positions and how to apply by visiting the Communities Volunteer Opportunities webpage.

Email Maria Nadeau if you have any questions.