Chemical and Biological API Manufacturing Technology

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The Chemical and Biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturing Technology focus group summons small molecule and large biologics pharmaceutical scientists, engineers, and regulatory colleagues to create a forum to discuss issues related to the manufacture of API. This focus group is beneficial to chemists, biologists, engineers, and plant professionals who support the manufacture of active ingredients. The monthly discussion topics include right first time/lean manufacturing, small molecule manufacturing, microbial and mammalian protein expression, monoclonal antibody production, scale-up challenges, advanced process controls, solvent recovery, effluent treatment, green chemistry, continuous processing, particle engineering, downstream product recovery processing (filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation, extraction, precipitation, adsorption, membrane separation, chromatography, crystallization, and drying), process analytical methodology, optimization quality by design, and process economics.

  • Collaborate with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers on joint programming.
  • Increase large molecule skillset membership.
  • Expand the steering committee to include a webmaster, additional officers, and a subcommittee of large molecule skillset members.
  • Publishing articles from programming. 

Section affiliations: APQBIOTECMSE 



2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 12–15, 2017
San Diego Convention Center, California

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