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AAPS Supports Credible Science in Research Literature

September 25-29 is Peer Review Week

Arlington, VA—AAPS joins STEM organizations from across the breadth of the sciences in recognizing Peer Review Week, September 25-29, 2023. This week-long celebration highlights the value of peer review in ensuring credibility in research.

Through its four peer-reviewed journals (The AAPS Journal, AAPS PharmSciTech, Pharmaceutical Research, and AAPS Open), AAPS supports ethical, credible science with the help of hundreds of scientists who share their time and expertise through peer review. Independent peer reviewers are critical to assuring the quality of scientific research used in the development of products and therapies that improve global health.

“Peer review is crucial to ensuring the scientific quality of our publications, and to improving science through input by knowledgeable colleagues,” The AAPS Journal Editor-in-Chief Ho-Leung Fung, Ph.D., said. “When done right, peer review is a highly constructive process that moves science forward.”

“On behalf of our Editors and Editorial Advisory Board, I want to thank our expert peer reviewers who generously give their time and expertise to help maintain the high quality and standards of the papers published in AAPS journals,” AAPS PharmSciTech Editor-in-Chief Robert O. (Bill) Williams III, Ph.D., said. “The journals, our association, the authors, and our readers greatly benefit from your service.”

Information about AAPS’ peer-reviewed journals, including access, can be found on the Journals page of the AAPS website. 

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American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association of more than 7,000 scientists and professionals employed in academia, industry, regulatory, and other research related to the pharmaceutical sciences worldwide. Its mission is to advance the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health, which members pursue through four peer-reviewed journals and a variety of events in person and online.

AAPS journals publish articles covering the breadth of pharmaceutical science, including complementary disciplines like chemistry, biology, and engineering. AAPS publishes four peer-reviewed journals: The AAPS Journal, AAPS PharmSciTech, Pharmaceutical Research, and AAPS Open. The latter is AAPS’ first fully open access journal. It is freely available worldwide, and authors retain copyright. All four are available with AAPS membership or through institutional access.