Summer Scientific Forum

The AAPS Summer Scientific Forum

The AAPS Summer Scientific Forum makes AAPS the premier scientific convener of the pharmaceutical industry: breadth, depth, and quality science. Attend this meeting for depth in the latest bioanalysis or pharmaceutical analysis science and seize the opportunity to cross-connect with other scientists in shared high-level sessions focused on key regulatory issues facing these scientific areas.

The event’s symposia will be complemented by the Rapid Fire presentations and partner engagements AAPS conference attendees prefer. Networking events will bring together industry scientists, academicians, and regulators from across these disciplines.

Apply for the 2024 Summer Scientific Forum Scientific Programming Committee

Help develop the scientific agenda for the AAPS Summer Scientific Forum, taking place July 22-25 in Kansas City, MO. Learn more about the Summer Scientific Forum.

AAPS is seeking: 

  • A Committee Vice Chair with a Bioanalysis background* who will advance to chairing the committee in 2025
  • 1 Track Chair (Bioanalysis)
  • 2 Track Vice Chairs to lead the Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis Tracks
  • 8-10 Track Leaders to support the Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis Tracks

* AAPS generally alternates between candidates with strength in Bioanalysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis to ensure that the Committee Chair and Vice Chair have complementary strengths.

Requirements Include:

  • Be an AAPS member in good standing at time of application and throughout service.
  • Commit to attending the Summer Scientific Forum in Kansas City, MO, July 22 - 25 in person.
  • Commit to the requirements outlined in the position description for Committee Vice Chair (PDF),  Track Chair (PDF), Track Vice Chair (PDF), and Track Leader (PDF).
  • Participate in planning meetings, including monthly Scientific Programming Committee conference calls.
  • Develop the track, including selecting sessions; organizing the flow of sessions and entering them into the programming grid; recruiting speakers; and managing speakers up to and during the meeting.
  • Use social media, the AAPS Communities, and your personal network to recruit speakers and promote the meeting.

Application deadline: November 7. 

Apply Now!

Applicants will be notified about their application status in December