AAPS Global Leader Award

AAPS Global Leader Award



The Global Leader Award recognizes a leader working in pharmaceutical science, technology, engineering, or education whose contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences community have resulted in an outstanding positive impact on education and/or public health. AAPS recognizes these leaders both as a means to support their work, and to encourage pharmaceutical scientists around the world to keep driving toward treatments and cures that improve life for all global citizens.

Many countries face severe challenges in meeting the healthcare needs of the weakest members of their citizenry, but have limited, or even no, funding or capability to conduct pharmaceutical research. A few scientists have the vision, passion, and commitment to advance the development of drugs and therapies that begin to help these people.


A member of the pharmaceutical sciences community (academia, industry, regulatory, or other) whose leadership and effort have had a significant and broad impact on the availability, use, and/or benefit from needed therapies domestically or internationally.

Number Presented Annually: 1

Presentation: PharmSci 360 Opening General Session or similar


  • Award plaque
  • Up to 4 complimentary hotel nights in the hotel of AAPS’ choosing
  • Reimbursement for flight costs up to $750 domestic or $1,200 international (Recipient must comply with AAPS’ travel policy for expenses to be eligible for reimbursement)
  • Complimentary registration at PharmSci 360 for three years beginning with year of receipt

Expectations for Recipient: 

Recipient must attend PharmSci 360 and participate in the Awards Program presentation to accept this honor. They are also expected to be available to help celebrate the presentation, which may include giving interviews and making presentations as requested by AAPS before, during, and after PharmSci 360, as well as authoring articles or commenting for publications. Potential recipients who cannot accommodate these expectations should not apply.


Nomination Type: Self, peer, or committee of peers

Qualifications for Nomination:

  • Member of AAPS for at least 3 consecutive years
  • AAPS membership at time of application

Enterprise-level AAPS award recipients will not be considered for additional enterprise-level awards in consecutive years

Nomination Package:

  • Curriculum Vitae/résumé
  • Biography highlighting candidate’s impact on the pharmaceutical community in at least one of the following areas: public awareness, access/availability, use, and/or improved benefit from therapies
  • 2-3 letters of endorsement
  • Nominator’s statement

Selection Committee:

  • AAPS Awards Committee Chair or designate
  • 3 members of the AAPS Awards Committee
  • 1 AAPS Fellow
  • 1 prior recipient of the award
  • 1 member volunteer recruited using an open-call process for those who meet requirements specified by the Awards Committee chair

Selection Process:

The Awards Committee will consider:

  • Impact of scientific contributions on the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Product, or process innovation, as demonstrated by patent applications and approvals
  • Recognition globally, as demonstrated by participation in scientific boards around the world, or other evidence that the pharmaceutical community, both industrial and academic, acknowledges the individual
  • Significant contribution to pharmaceutical education and/or public health as demonstrated by work in policy development and successful drug approvals
  • Significant interaction in and impact on regulatory environments, as demonstrated by collaborative contributions across departments, companies, industries, fields, and/or countries
  • The committee will vote to select a recipient