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The mission of AAPS eLearning is to innovate and manage electronic education opportunities for AAPS members and the scientific community. These initiatives will strike a balance among learning effectiveness, universal accessibility, responsiveness to relevant goals established by AAPS leadership, and cost effectiveness.  


AAPS eCourses have been designed to address perceived training gaps in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sciences and strive to provide extensive and novel educational material to the pharmaceutical science and related communities. These ecourses are comprehensive online offerings that provide the convenience of self-paced learning. Facilitated by top researchers in the field, AAPS ecourses provide practical perspectives from practicing scientists and allow participants the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Biotechnology 101 IconAAPS Biotechnology 101 offers unique opportunity for individuals to learn more about practical biotherapeutic development. This course focuses on therapies developed from biological systems including: monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, and endogenous protein replacement.

Regulatory Affairs 101 IconAAPS Regulatory Affairs 101 provides an overview as well as cross-functional training in regulatory sciences to better understand current regulatory processes from discovery to commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

Immunogenicity IconAAPS Immunogenicity 101 is a comprehensive online training ecourse that provides an in depth overview of beginning through advanced topics for the assessment and interpretation of immunogenicity.

Translational Sciences 101AAPS Translational Sciences 101 features innovative technologies in translational sciences to streamline drug discovery, development, and therapeutics. 

GOC101AAPS Good Oral Candidates 101 offers a step-by-step guide through the fundamentals of achieving good oral exposure.

PRE101AAPS Preformulation 101 highlights the fundamentals of preformulation studies and the impact of physicochemical, physicomechanical, and biopharmaceutical properties data.

Stability 101AAPS Stability Testing 101 features a thorough update of recent and emerging techniques used to establish the integrity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products.

DSODDissolution for Solid Oral Dosages steps through the fundamentals of in vitro release and dissolution testing by focusing primarily on the dissolution of solid oral dosage forms and the effects of these factors in development and execution of successful dissolution testing.

TransportersTransporter Knowledge for New Frontiers addresses a deficit in training by providing a detailed overview on those key concepts in transporter pharmacology that are essential for academic, industrial, and regulatory pharmaceutical scientists.

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