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DSODDissolution for Solid Dosages 


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Available Now! This course will step through the fundamentals of in-vitro release and dissolution testing by focusing primarily on the dissolution of solid oral dosage forms and the effects of these factors in development and execution of successful dissolution testing.

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Available Now! This course will address a vital deficit in training by providing a detailed overview on key concepts in transporter pharmacology that are essential for academic, industrial, and regulatory pharmaceutical scientists.

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Provides a basic to advanced level understanding on developing a stability program to support the expiration dating of pharmaceutical products. The speakers discuss different areas from development to commercial to understand the stability profile of drug substance and drug products. This online course will also give you a thorough update of recent and emerging techniques used to establish the integrity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products.

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Explores the fundamental role of formulation scientists—converting candidate drugs into drug products— by reviewing the fundamentals of the preformulation studies and how the physicochemical, physicomechanical, and biopharmaceutical properties data generated during these studies can impact the design, technology, and overall process.

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Features case studies and the fundamentals of achieving optimal oral exposure. After attending all lectures, participants will have a high-level understanding of a multitude of subjects like oral absorption and the impact of phase and formulation design, phase and formulation design, GI physiology, drug metabolism and transporters, in-vitro and in-vivo screening tools, and PBPK-based approaches to model oral absorption.

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 Translational Sciences Banner
Highlights innovative technologies in translational sciences to streamline drug discovery, development, and therapeutics. This is a new and exciting field that will have a significant impact on many facets of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical care. The promise and potential of this field is reflected in several initiatives, including new institutes and peer-reviewed journals. This eCourse introduces the field of translational sciences to pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists through state-of-the-art lectures on basic principles, and clear case studies in which these technologies are applied to improve the efficiency of bringing new drugs to patients.

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 Immunogenicity Banner
A comprehensive online training course that provides an in depth overview of beginning through advanced topics for the assessment and interpretation of immunogenicity. As the field of biologic drug development is maturing, a wealth of knowledge has emerged on the topic of immunogenicity from the disciplines of immunology, bioanalytical sciences, protein manufacturing and formulation, and regulatory sciences.

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Provides an overview and cross-functional training in regulatory sciences (from the perspective of a pharmaceutical scientist) to better understand current regulatory processes from discovery to commercialization of pharmaceutical products.  Designed with pharmaceutical scientists in mind, the eCourse presents a global outlook on regulatory affairs and how regulations impact the current development process. This is particularly timely given recent expansion of marketing products in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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 Biotechnology 101 Banner 
AAPS' first online training course, Fundamentals of Biotherapeutics Development, is a comprehensive online training course developed for those interested in learning more about the field of biologic development. This series addresses the fact that drug development of biotech products is quite different from that of small molecules, and current biotechnology curricula may lack the practical drug development aspects to prepare students for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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