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What's on the Program? 

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Follow your favorite theme or join us for other innovative programming including:  

  • Stem cell derived cell lines
  • Inactive ingredient database and novel excipients
  • Drug product manufacturing
  • Global CMC challenges for break-through designated products
  • Continuous manufacturing
  • Peptide and biologic topics
  • And much, much more

Program Themes: 

  • Novel Technology
  • New Delivery Modalities
  • Accelerated Drug Development
  • Precision Medicine

Find what you need!

Resources—the top scientists, CROs and CMOs in the world will be at AAPS.
Research partner—check the sessions and posters to see who is making advances in your field.
Suppliers with solutions—in their booth and in their presentations.
Staff—your next team member could be in the coffee line.

You will not want to miss 

NEW—Digital poster presentations—access to science at your fingertips
NEW—Ignite Sessions, AAPS Learning Lounge, AAPS Topic Lounge, AAPS Fun Zone, PharmSci Chat—all taking place in the exhibit hall!

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Workshops and Short Courses delve deeper into pharmaceutical science issues. You’ll receive in-depth, hands-on training in an intimate environment, allowing group interaction, collaboration, networking, and direct exchanges with presenters and your fellow participants. An additional registration fee is required for workshops and short courses.



Disclaimer: Opinions, materials, and statements presented at the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition and affiliated events are not endorsed by, and do not necessarily represent, the views of the association or its members.