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Thanks for stopping by the AAPS Press Room. We know your time is limited but your need for high quality resources is ongoing. We can help you.

As a professional organization with a growing membership of more than 9,000 members, we have the ability to put you in touch with pharmaceutical scientists who are experts in a wide range of topics that cover the vast and dynamic field of drug discovery and development.

Our members work in various settings including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, universities, government agencies, such as the FDA and USP, contract management organizations and more. 

Here are a few of the subject areas that our members cover:

  • clinical sciences
  • regulatory science
  • analysis and pharmaceutical quality
  • analysis and pharmaceutical quality
  • drug design and discovery
  • biotechnology
  • drug delivery
  • drug metabolism
  • pharmaceutical technology

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As a professional association, AAPS strives to increase the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve public health.

Advanced Vaginal Film for HIV Prevention

Research Presented at Annual Meeting

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Novel Anti-Meth Approach

Findings Presented at Annual Meeting 

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Nano-targeting Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Novel Delivery System Targets Cancerous Bone Lesions 

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Distinguished Pharmaceutical Science Award

AAPS Announces Highest Honor at Annual Meeting

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Fellowship Awards Announced

Eight members selected for highest honor. 

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Press Credentials

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Manuscript Awards

AAPS Announces Three Manuscript Awards for Superlative Publications 

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