The AAPS Bylaws ballot is now open. Cast your vote by midnight, EST, February 28, 2018. You will need your member identification number to vote. For questions or help, contact Maria Nadeau at or +1.703.248.4709.

AAPS Executive Council approves proposed AAPS Bylaws changes for member vote

In 2016/2017, the AAPS Executive Committee (EC) facilitated a review of the organization’s governance and structure to see if both were enhancing or restraining members’ ability to advance the strategic plan.  The EC worked with a Governance Task Force, Committee Chairs, Section/Focus Group leaders, and an external policy governance consultant to examine our current practices and association management best practices.  The EC also obtained intelligence on member perceptions from surveys.  The work led the EC to determine that changes in structure to increase member engagement, improve responsiveness to member suggestions for products, services, and activities, and improve AAPS’ speed in serving the members were all necessary.  Recommended changes extended from the operation of the EC, to Committees, to Sections/Focus Groups, and to program development processes.


One step in strengthening AAPS is to update the organization’s bylaws to remain current with association management best practices and ensure protection of the members’ rights and obligations.  Although bylaws are often not the most exciting aspect of an organization, they are a critical promise between the membership and the organization on how it operates.


What are the main changes being proposed?

  • Renaming the current AAPS Executive Council as the AAPS Board of Directors to clarify governance roles
  • Removal of the “Purpose” (existing Article II) to avoid any conflicts with the AAPS Articles of Incorporation which take legal precedence.
  • Refining the role of the AAPS Treasurer to reflect the position’s fiduciary duty in oversight, rather than day-to-day management of the organization
  • Specifying all dues paying AAPS members have the same rights and privileges in the organization
  • Clarifying official notice periods for governance meetings and member votes
  • Addition of clarifying language to meet legal requirements of the District of Columbia (where AAPS is incorporated).
  • Simplifying wording to avoid confusion.


Please familiarize yourself with the reasoning for the bylaws updates and the exact wording of the proposed updates by reviewing the following material:

Members can also discuss the topic on the bylaws discussion thread on the AAPS Communities.

Please visit the discussion thread to see what your fellow members have been saying and contribute your thoughts. 

In February 2018, AAPS members will be asked to approve modernization changes to the AAPS bylaws.  All members will receive an electronic ballot notice via email, similar to our annual election of officers. Please look for that email notification in your inbox on February 1, 2018.  Approval of the proposed changes requires a 2/3 positive vote from all those who cast ballots.  If approved by the members, the changes are effective immediately.  The results of the ballot will be communicated to members in early March 2018.