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New: Meeting Content Programming Committee 
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Every pharmaceutical scientist is encouraged to share his or her insight, experience, and dedication to the field by getting involved within AAPS. Think about giving back to your profession and colleagues. Volunteering will allow you to:

  • Share your knowledge by taking an active role in developing educational opportunities to help others learn and grow. 
  • Make valuable professional and personal connections by working alongside other members in the AAPS community. This will help broaden your network and build lasting friendships with other thought leaders. 
  • Enhance your leadership experience by expanding on skills and roles you may not acquire in your current position.
  • Support AAPS' mission to advance the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health.

New Opportunity—AAPS seeks passionate, experienced scientists to lead our Meeting Content Programming Committee!

The AAPS Meeting Content Programming Committee (MCPC) is responsible for planning high-quality content that engages all the communities present at the annual AAPS PharmSci 360, which will be introduced in November 2018.
AAPS PharmSci 360 Programming Structure
The AAPS PharmSci 360 programming structure has 5 Scientific Tracks:

  • Bioanalytics
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Formulation & Quality
  • Manufacturing & Bioprocessing
  • Preclinical Development
Each track will be evenly divided into two sub-tracks: one for Chemical Entities and one for Biomolecules.

AAPS Meeting Content Programming Committee Structure
Available Positions
AAPS is seeking volunteers to apply for the following positions:
Vice Chair  1
  • 15-month execution cycle of PharmSci 360, which begins in approximately August and concludes with the convention’s wrap-up the following year 
  • 2-3 hours a week on average over the 15-month period 
  • Succeeds the Chair after the convention 
Refer to attachment (PDF) Appointed by the AAPS President
Track Chairs  5
  •  15-month execution cycle of PharmSci 360, which begins in approximately August and concludes with the convention’s wrap-up the following year 
  • 1 hour per a week on average over the 15-month period, with 3-4 hours per week in a 4-5 intense execution periods 
Refer to attachment (PDF) Recommended by MCPC with staff endorsement and appointed by AAPS President
Track Leaders  10 openings; 2 leaders per track one
dedicated to either chemical or biomolecular programming
  • 15-month execution cycle of PharmSci 360, which begins in approximately August and concludes with the convention’s wrap-up the following year 
  • 3-4 hours per month on average over the 15-month period 
Refer to attachment (PDF) Recommended by MCPC with staff endorsement and appointed by AAPS President

Ready to apply?
Submit your application online by Friday, July 7. All applicants will be notified about the application status by September 25, 2017.


Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunity  Description  Approximate Time Commitment  How To Contribute 
Develop a Webinar  Webinars offer a great opportunity to deliver the latest information on pharmaceutical science topics without the need for travel or time away from home and office.  7 hours Visit the AAPS Webinars webpage 
Resume Advisor  AAPS is seeking mentors to serve as a resume advisor and provide one-time counseling to an individual seeking to improve his/her resume. 3 hours Email Kate Chutuape   
Share Your Ideas  Tell us how can AAPS help you. Share your ideas for scientific and professional development offerings. 5 minutes (more time is required if you volunteer to develop the idea) Complete the Share Your Ideas form
Social Media   Are you active on social media and have thoughts about AAPS’ contributions? Give us your feedback. 5 minutes Email Katie Baumer 
Visiting Scientist Program   A forum for pharmaceutical scientists to visit colleges and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with students. 2 hours to prepare a presentation; 1 day for the visit Visit the Visiting Scientist Program webpage 
Write a Blog   The AAPS Blog enhances the AAPS community's engagement via a timely, accessible outlet of perspectives and conversations, and provides insight and relevance to issues affecting pharmaceutical scientists.   3 hours Visit the AAPS Blog 


Extended Volunteer Opportunities

AAPS Focus Groups

The following focus groups are seeking volunteers to serve on their steering committees. Participation includes monthly conference calls and various ways to contribute that may include programming development, communication to members, and webpage updates. Approximate Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per month, or more if you volunteer to lead an intensive project.

Focus Group  Position  Contact 
Chemical and Biological API Manufacturing Technology  Steering Committee member Brian Chekal 
CRO  Steering Committee member Stacy Ho 
Modified Release  Steering Committee student representatives Suniket Fulzele 
Pharmaco-imaging  Steering Committee member Laurie Ponto 
Process Analytical Technology  Secretary, AAPS sections/focus group liaison, and newsletter editor Brian Zacour 

AAPS Regional Discussion Groups—Volunteer Locally

Regional discussion group meetings are planned and organized by volunteers and their success depends entirely on the contributions of our members. Contact the chair of the discussion group in your area to actively volunteer and advance the pharmaceutical sciences in your community. Approximate Time Commitment: dependent upon the number of meetings and the meeting components; discussion group chairs will be able to provide specific details.

AAPS Sections

DDDI Section 

The DDDI section is looking for volunteers to assist in various capacities in 2017. Please see below for additional information on the available opportunities.

1.  Assisting the DDDI section representative to the following AAPS committees in generating content that will be relevant for the membership.
The volunteers may also be considered to represent the section at the committee level in the future. Please reach out to the representative or the DDDI section chair, Caroline McGregor for additional information.
AAPS Committees   2017 Representative 
AAPS Blog Committee Robert Wenslow 
eLearning Committee Yu-hua Hui 
 2.  Contributing to the following section committees. Please reach out to the committee chair for additional information.
DDDI Section-Only Committees  2017 Representative 
Discovery Biotech Erika Walsh
Annette Bak 
Kim Tye 
Focus Group Liaison HaiAn Zhen  
Membership Relations Ellen Minnihan
Anand Sridhar 
Kshitij Verma 
Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde 
Hazem Hassan 
Newsletter Henry North
Ted Roche
Webinar Grace (Ilevbare) Okoh*


RS Section 

The RS section is seeking regulatory sciences subject matter expert volunteers to assist with the creation of a Regulatory Affairs 102 ecourse. Contact Monica Whitmire to volunteer.

Authors/Editors for the AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Book Series

Interested in contributing to advancing the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists?

Consider identifying an area of science for which the fundamental knowledge and/or skills are relatively concrete and easy to describe. Decide if you want to be a chapter author, where you can describe part of these foundational concepts, or if you want to be a book editor, where you can lace the chapter pieces together to tell a cohesive and coherent story.

  • Chapter authors can expect a three-six month commitment (depending on your personal writing style and scheduling availability). Most of the work will be done within a short period of time early in the project, with a follow-up check-in when the book is completed. Book editors can expect a bit longer commitment (largely dependent on how responsible the chapter authors are to meeting deadlines).
  • Book editors do not have much work at the start of the project and typically have more concentrated periods of activity as the chapters are being submitted through to book production. This time commitment may be closer to 9-12 months (perhaps a bit longer), but only a few months where there is a heavier load.

Do you have ideas, but are not sure where to go with them? Consider your focus groups, sections, or working groups/collaborations that you have at your place of employment—talk and brainstorm, and then email Robin Zavod or call her at +1 (630) 515-6478. Robin would be happy to help stitch book projects together, potentially bringing authors from multiple institutions together, to fill gaps in expertise.

Be A Mentor

AAPS is revising its long-standing mentoring program to better serve graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and other professionals seeking knowledge, encouragement, and guidance from an experienced professional. The program will be facilitated by the Ambassadors Coordination Committee (ACC) and will continue to support the professional development needs of AAPS members.

ACC is seeking mentors to participate in the mentoring program and are interested in establishing a one-on-one relationship for approximately six to 12 months with a mentee. Email Kate Chutuape if you are interested in this opportunity.

Suggest Programming

Programming at all AAPS meetings comes from proposals received from members. A programming committee reviews and chooses the strongest, most innovative submissions for development as live events. Visit the Suggest Programming webpage and learn how to submit your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.