Oral Absorption

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The Oral Absorption focus group (OAFG)a grassroots communication network for those scientists interested in topics germane to human oral absorptiondeveloped out of the 1995 AAPS symposium Tools for Predicting Human Oral Absorption. In 1996, a steering committee proposed an agenda of topics for future discussions (e.g., species differences in permeability, gastrointestinal tract regional differences in permeability, intestinal metabolism, in vitro/in vivo correlations, compound library for oral absorption research). Since that time, the focus group has promoted symposia, poster sessions, and sunrise sessions covering these areas.

2017 OAFG Goals: 

  • Propose high quality programming for 2017 AM
  • Re-design OAFG website to include more scientific information on oral absorption & details of OAFG activities
  • Propose & organize AAPS e-course on Biopharmaceutics 
  • Contribute to year round programming by proposing webinars
  • Strengthen student participation in OAFG and PPB activities 
  • Enhance collaboration with PPB Focus Groups 
  • Enhance collaboration with secondary section affiliations (DDDI & PPDM) by regularly attending meetings & contributing to section activities 

 Section affiliations: DDDI PPB | PPDM 



AAPS Workshop on In Vivo Predictive Drug Dissolution/Simulation
September 11–12, 2017
Hilton Washington Hotel and Executive Meeting Center | Rockville, Md.

2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 12–15, 2017
San Diego Convention Center, California

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