Ocular Drug Delivery and Disposition

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Ocular drug delivery has a number of scientific challenges due to the unique anatomy and physiology of the eye, as well as the number of barriers faced in drug delivery. The Ocular Drug Delivery and Disposition focus group (ODDDFG) is committed to bringing together the brightest minds in the field of ocular drug delivery, advancing research, and bringing novel treatments to the patient. This focus group provides a platform for scientists from academia, research foundations, industry, and regulatory agencies to come together, share their knowledge, and help develop new and effective ways for ocular drug delivery and disposition. ODDDFG also provides a valuable resource for its members to get meaningful insights regarding their research, along with excellent opportunities for professional development.

ODDDFG addresses key scientific areas like formulation design and development of novel drug delivery systems for ocular applications. ODDDFG provides a forum for updates on regulatory requirements and also stimulates scientific exchange on new drug delivery products, as well as emerging trends in ocular pharmacokinetics.


To provide an interactive network and community of practice for influencing ocular drug development and delivery by discussing science, innovation, operations, and regulatory expectations, and to provide a fertile scientific foundation for the advancement of treatments for blinding diseases.

  • Increase communication with AAPS members involved in ocular drug delivery and disposition through the use of newsgroups, newsletters, AAPS Annual Meetings and Expositions, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Provide the focus group members with the latest developments in their areas of interest through symposia, roundtables, scientific discussions/debates, and other meetings. 
  • Support members' professional development through awards, publications, presentations, newsletters, and mentorship programs, and provide networking opportunities within the scientific community.

Section affiliations: FDD | PPDM 


2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 12–15, 2017
San Diego Convention Center, California

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