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The Modified Release focus group (MRFG) provides a forum for scientists representing academia, industry, and regulatory agencies who are involved in the mechanistic understanding, formulation design and development, process development and scale-up, as well as the related regulatory aspects of modified release dosage forms for both small molecule and biologics. Modifying the release of a drug from a dosage form is desired to control the physiological site and timing of drug uptake by the body. This focus group will give a forum to exchange ideas and share learnings in the field of modified drug release technology.

Modified release formulation design can be conducted for oral and nonoral administration routes. For an oral dosage form, modification of drug release can be achieved via mechanisms that include drug diffusion, dosage form erosion, osmosis-mediated drug delivery, delayed release, pulsatile release, solubilization, and others. Particulate, matrix, and coated systems represent a major portion of the oral modified-release dosage forms. Modified drug release from dosage forms is complemented by the allied processes of drug design, of dosage administration, and of membrane transport and absorption of drug to the biological site of action; discussion of these phenomena are the subject of other AAPS-sponsored focus groups. MRFG develops joint programming with these other focus groups to offer members comprehensive coverage of important drug delivery challenges and technologies. 

  • soliciting and submitting programming ideas related to modified-release topics for AAPS Annual Meetings and Exposition;
  • organizing educational events, such as workshops and symposia, as appropriate;
  • posing questions or answer those of others' in the MRFG forum, a chat board for focus group members (nonconfidential information only, please);
  • bring together scientists interested in this area via email distribution lists, newsletters, face-to-face meeting at the annual meeting, etc.

Participate in MRFG activities; for instance, join the MRFG discussion board to ask a question, start a topic, or share your expertise for the enrichment of others. Learn, share, or serve, as you like.

  • Programming: develop/sponsor modified-release programming for the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, the National Biotechnology Conference, and workshops; submit proposal for podcast venues for MRFG programming to the AAPS program planning committee.
  • Solicit/recruit student members and student volunteers on university campuses.
  • Keep MRFG membership current on emerging and developing technologies, and modified release excipients.
  • Manage the AAPS PharmSciTech theme issue.
  • Complete the survival guides for the chair-elect, chair, and past chair.    

Section affiliations: FDD | MSE | PPB 


2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 12–15, 2017
San Diego Convention Center, California

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