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This Year's Program Committee

Meena Subramanyam, Ph.D., chair
Biogen Idec. Inc.

Brian Moyer, past chair
Health and Human Services

Mark Rose, Ph.D.
CHDI Management, Inc., APQ section

Hanns-Christian Mahler, Ph.D.
Biogen Idec., Inc., BIOTEC section

Bing Wang, Ph.D.
Medimmune LLC, CPTR section

Beata Sweryda-Krawiec, Ph.D.
Blend Therapeutics, DDDI section

Bakul Bhatnagar, Ph.D.
Pfizer Inc., FDD section

Arya Jayatilaka, Ph.D.
Pfizer Inc., MSE section

Anand Balakrishnan, Ph.D.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, PPB section

Adrienne Clements-Egan, Ph.D.
Janssen Research & Development, LLC, PPDM section

Frank Spriggs, Ph.D.
AIT Bioscience, RS section 

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2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference (NBC) Program Selection Process

Program Committee Composition

The National Biotechnology Conference Program Committee (NBCPC) is comprised of the Section representative, Program Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair and Executive Council (EC) Liaison. To participate on the NBCPC, you must have attended an NBC and be appointed by your section chair. If you are interested in being part of the committee, please contact your section chair.

Who can Submit Programming?

Anyone can submit programming for the NBC, including non-members, exhibitors, and students. All program submissions must be entered through the AAPS program submission site. The site generally opens in April/May and closes in August. To find the opening and deadline dates, please visit the AAPS Meetings website and click on Suggest Programming.

How is the Final Program Selected?

The NBCPC selects the final program. The NBCPC reviews all submissions (generally around 150) and selects about 60 sessions for the final program. The NBCPC finalizes the program in July, prior to the NBC in May/June. A few late-breaking sessions are decided upon in January/February prior to the NBC.

How are Speakers Selected?

Once a session has been accepted by the NBCPC, the session organizer is informed, and they begin to invite speakers for the meeting. Per AAPS Organizer Guidelines, a speaker should only speak at one session at the NBC and a moderator should only moderate one session at the NBC. This is to ensure new material is presented at the meeting. In addition, all speakers are required to provide a set of presentation slides that will be posted on the AAPS website and mobile app for registered attendees.

Poster Abstract Process

All poster abstracts are submitted through the AAPS poster submission site. The site generally opens in October and closes in March. Once the site closes and screening begins, AAPS is not able to accept any additional papers.

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