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Since 1985, the Visiting Scientist Program has provided a forum for pharmaceutical scientists to visit colleges and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with students. The program benefits participants in academia and industry by encouraging students to pursue research and career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Many students are unaware of professional opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Still others may be hesitant to pursue graduate school and research because they are unsure of the rewards and expectations. These students can benefit tremendously from the perspective, advice, and practical experiences of pharmaceutical scientists, while the scientists benefit from their service to the college and learning about the school's current academic research.

"The Visiting Scientist Program is a golden opportunity for students and faculty to gain first-hand knowledge of cutting edge pharmaceutical science. The program allows scientists to stimulate the students' interest in the field by sharing their experience and expertise." 

–Thomas Anchordoquy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
University of Colorado, School of Pharmacy 

UIC College of Pharmacy for VSP OV

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This rewarding program is specifically designed to provide a solid educational resource based on the following objectives:

  • Expose students to research in the pharmaceutical sciences and encourage them to consider pursuing graduate study and an advanced degree.
  • Expose students to career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Provide colleges and their faculty with access to industry scientists with working expertise.
  • Increase communications and foster information exchange between academia, industry scientists, and students.
  • Convey to students and faculty the complexities, challenges, and costs associated with drug discovery, development, production, quality control, and marketing. 

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Suggested Disciplines

The program attracts experienced visiting scientists from such various disciplines such as:

  • Analysis and Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Biotechnology 
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Drug Design and Discovery
  • Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
  • Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism
  • Pharmaceutical Technologies
  • Regulatory Sciences

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Program Guidelines

Read the Visiting Scientist Program guidelines to learn more about this educational opportunity.

Costs—Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by the scientists and school, the college acts as the host and is responsible for all local costs including meals, lodging and local transportation. The scientist's company/department gives the scientist time off and assumes all travel costs to and from the college.

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Interested scientists and colleges should complete the appropriate application below. 

Upon receipt of the application forms, the Visiting Scientist Program will match scientists with the colleges, who will then arrange a mutually agreeable schedule for the visit (usually lasts 1-3 days). The college may ask for a scientist in the discipline of their choice and the scientist may request the college of their choice. Ideally, the scientists should dedicate a portion of their presentation to career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences in addition to any scientific lecture that they wish to prepare.

For questions, please contact

"Educating students about the pharmaceutical industry and educating and engaging them a positive way are some of the most important aspects of the Visiting Scientist Program. I especially enjoy seeing students get excited about their career opportunities, and learning more about current research projects taking place at the colleges." 

–Jean Paul Gagnon, Ph.D.
Director, Public Policy
Adventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Learn from the Best

Students and faculty benefit tremendously from participating in this program.

  • Students gain first-hand knowledge from experienced scientists working in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Students learn about different career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Students and faculty are exposed to different perspectives on scientific investigation.
  • Faculty experience increased communication and interaction with industry scientists.
Rewarding Experience for Scientists 

Participating scientists will have the opportunity to:

  • impart their working experience to future pharmaceutical scientists,
  • present their pharmaceutical research to a scientific audience,
  • gain tremendous experience and help advance their career, and
  • acquire knowledge of research conducted at the college.

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