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Member Benefit LogoThere has never been a more exciting time to be part of the open exchange of knowledge from pharmaceutical scientists in academia, industry, government, and other institutions worldwide. As the foremost international, interdisciplinary community of pharmaceutical scientists, AAPS membership puts you at the center of it all and gives you the access to people, information, and opportunities that will strengthen your career.

AAPS eLearning Can Help Advance Your Career

August 2014

AAPS eLearning VerticalAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) eLearning exists to provide innovative virtual educational programs for AAPS members and the scientific community. These programs include live webinars and ecourses, which are offered in addition to in-person events. The AAPS eLearning programs deliver a convenient way to enhance your professional development at your own pace, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Webinars are free with your AAPS membership and offer a great opportunity to receive the latest information on pharmaceutical science. Plan to participate in our upcoming live events, replay a past session in our archives, or submit a proposal for organizing your own webinar. Recent webinars focused on topics such as investigation approaches for finding causes to dissolution testing changes and failures, as well as analysis of the challenges and technologies involved in the development of bioerodible drug delivery systems. Members have full access to all AAPS upcoming and past webinars on the AAPS Webinars webpage.

AAPS eCourses provide extensive and cutting-edge educational material to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities. The first AAPS eCourse, Biotechnology 101, is a virtual lecture series focusing on the current state of biotherapeutics and offers practical perspectives from practicing scientists and leading experts from both industry and academia. Previews of each of the 25 lectures are available now on the AAPS Biotechnology 101 website. Three new ecourses will launch in 2014: AAPS Regulatory Affairs 101, AAPS Immunogenicity 101, and AAPS Translational Sciences 101.

AAPS Regulatory Affairs 101, just launched, delivers an overview and cross-functional training in regulatory sciences (from the perspective of a pharmaceutical scientist) to better understand current regulatory processes from discovery to commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Designed with pharmaceutical scientists in mind, the ecourse presents a global outlook on regulatory affairs and how regulations impact the current development process.

AAPS Immunogenicity 101 provides an in-depth overview of beginning through advanced topics for the assessment and interpretation of immunogenicity. As the field of biologic drug development is maturing, a wealth of knowledge has emerged on the topic of immunogenicity from the disciplines of immunology, bioanalytical sciences, protein manufacturing and formulation, and regulatory sciences.

AAPS Translational Sciences 101 features innovative technologies in translational sciences to streamline drug discovery, development, and therapeutics. This ecourse introduces the field of translational sciences to pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists through state-of-the-art lectures on basic principles and clear case studies in which these technologies are applied to improve the efficiency of bringing new drugs to patients.

Regardless of your schedule, budget, or learning style, you can fulfill your educational needs while satisfying your professional and personal ones. Check out AAPS webinars and eCourses today! For more details, visit the AAPS eLearning webpages, or view an informative video about AAPS eLearning offerings