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Member Benefit LogoThere has never been a more exciting time to be part of the open exchange of knowledge from pharmaceutical scientists in academia, industry, government, and other institutions worldwide. As the foremost international, interdisciplinary community of pharmaceutical scientists, AAPS membership puts you at the center of it all and gives you the access to people, information, and opportunities that will strengthen your career.

What’s in It for My Company?

April 2015

AAPS offers timely scientific programs, ongoing education, information resources, opportunities for networking, and professional development. Although membership is on an individual basis, the knowledge your employees obtain through our educational and networking events can be easily transferrable to your company. With AAPS membership, your employees can:

  • participate in focus groups and sections, which bring professionals together to discuss current issues, research results, and exchange ideas;
  • learn from industry leaders by browsing informative articles in one of our three official AAPS journals;
  • interact with other pharmaceutical science professionals while attending the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, National Biotechnology Conference, or one of the numerous informative workshops; and
  • build a network with others within the pharmaceutical science industry.

Have you wondered if your company was saving money by providing AAPS membership for your employees? Take a look below to see just how cost effective AAPS membership is:  

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Free access to every live AAPS webinar, conducted on a variety of topics* 

$ 4500 


Reduced pricing for members on eLearning programs** 



Online full-text access to the three AAPS Official Journals: The AAPS Journal,
AAPS PharmSciTech,
and Pharmaceutical Research   



Membership in up to two AAPS sections of your choice at no extra cost 



Member Registration Discount for one AAPS workshop 



Member Registration Discount for the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition



Member Registration Discount for the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference




$ 6,305  

$ 0  

 *Based on 30 webinars per year at a cost of $150 per webinar, assuming participation in all webinars
** Based on the full
AAPS Biotechnology 101 eLearning course cost

Other benefits of membership include the following:

  • Expositions: The AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition and the National Biotechnology Conference are two premiere events where pharmaceutical industry professionals come together and exchange, contribute, and obtain industry information, which are useful in their day-to-day activities.
  • eCourses: AAPS designed these ecourses to address perceived training gaps in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sciences and to provide extensive and novel educational material to the pharmaceutical science and related communities. These ecourses are comprehensive online offerings that provide the convenience of self-paced learning. AAPS ecourses are available at a substantial discount to AAPS members!

Participating in AAPS membership provides the skills, knowledge, and abilities that your company desires. Through educational and networking opportunities, pharmaceutical colleagues are able to learn new ideas and find solutions your company currently seeks.

Each of these benefits allows your employees to bring back information that helps advance your company knowledge base, which in turn creates company growth. For more information, please visit