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Drug Discovery, Development, and Pharmacotherapy eLearning Series

Pharmaceutical scientists have been on the cutting edge of applying translational sciences in drug discovery and development for years. This course will benefit anyone with an interest in drug discovery and development, particularly those interested in how translational techniques are currently applied to discover and develop new drugs.—Adrian J. Fretland, Ph.D.

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Module Overview

  1. Introduction and Overview of Translational Sciences 
  2. Drug Discovery and Early Development 
  3. First in Human and Early Clinical Trials 
  4. Clinical Drug Development 
  5. Managing the Innovation of Translational Sciences 
  6. Role of Pharmacists in Applied Translational Sciences 

Course Overview

The full course features innovative technologies and translational sciences to streamline drug discovery, development, and therapeutics. By introducing the field of translational sciences to pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists through state-of-the-art lectures on basic principles and clear case studies in which these technologies are applied to improve the efficiency of bringing new drugs to patients this eCourse:

  • Provides an overview of translational sciences,
  • Reviews applications of translational sciences that improve drug discovery, development, and therapeutic applications, with a focus on transitions within phases of development,
  • Describes effective approaches to managing the innovations of translational sciences in the context of the emerging landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, and
  • Highlights the role of the pharmacist in bringing translational sciences to clinical practice.

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