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Strategic Visioning

A key AAPS goal for 2015 was to reaffirm or revise the AAPS mission and vision, and to develop a strategic plan to assure that the association remains in step with its changing environment. To achieve this goal, AAPS sought input from its members and other stakeholders to develop strategic goals and create an operational plan, consistent with these goals, to guide us as we review new program opportunities, take stock of current programs, and allocate resources. 

The process involved several research phases to gather current, lapsed, and prospective member feedback. In-depth interviews were conducted with member and critical stakeholder audiences including other association leaders and external organizations such as the FDA. In addition, an electronic survey was distributed to all current, lapsed, and prospective member audiences to capture input on perceptions, challenges, and future direction.

Results from these research stages were analyzed, presented, and discussed at the AAPS Leadership Retreat in February 2015. The desired outcomes for the meeting were to come to consensus on the mission statement, vision, values, and goals, discuss objectives aligned to the strategic goals, and identify priority initiatives for AAPS. These elements are included in the strategic plan defined in greater detail below.

The final plan was approved by the AAPS Executive Council in June 2015. This plan will be the strategic framework that will guide AAPS as its leadership makes programmatic and budget decisions for the coming years. Rather than being a static document that could become outdated and irrelevant, the strategic plan will be a living framework to help manage tactically. It will keep AAPS ahead of the curve, always moving forward, and will serve as a decision-making tool.

AAPS Strategic Plan

The graphic below provides a framework for capturing the key, high-level elements of the AAPS strategic plan: mission, vision, and values. Goals and objectives will be added in August.

  • The purpose of the plan is to consolidate and summarize the key elements of our strategic direction so that all key AAPS stakeholders can understand, and effectively communicate, our priorities.
  • The mission statement defines the organization’s fundamental reason for being, while the vision statement seeks to outline what success looks like. The values are an organization’s nonnegotiable tenets and beliefs. 
  • Strategic goals serve as broad statements of what AAPS most wants and expects to accomplish over the next several years. The goals will be supported, in each case, by a handful of more specific objectives that further define specific accomplishments to pursue within the plan horizon (three to five years).
  • Strategic objectives are sufficiently broad to guide a three- to five-year program of work from which the organization can test and respond to various findings. They provide direction for an ongoing series of experiments and investments that serve to support the broader goals and desired outcomes of the organization. 


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We encourage you to utilize the following document to communicate the AAPS Strategic Plan with your colleagues: