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GOC101Selecting Candidates with Optimal Oral Exposure eLearning Series 

"Common oral exposure issues include low exposure in certain species, high variability in exposure, loss of exposure over time, and less or greater than dose-proportional exposure. Each issue can have multiple root causes and it is important to establish the root cause early in drug discovery. This AAPS eCourse consists of eleven lectures that will discuss the fundamental causes behind oral exposure issues, the tools that can be used to investigate them and the mitigation strategies that can be adopted to address them."—Sachin Lohani, Ph.D

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The ability to achieve the requisite systemic exposures is critical to the success of preclinical safety studies, as well as to the viability of new drug candidates in the clinic. When an exposure issue is encountered, it is essential to understand the contribution of physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties to the problem so that the correct strategy can be used to enhance exposure. This course will focus on challenges encountered with the oral delivery of drug candidates.This course will step through the fundamentals of achieving optimal oral exposure. After attending all lectures the participants will have a high level understanding of:

• Oral absorption and the impact of phase and formulation design
• GI physiology
• Drug metabolism and transporters
• In vitro and in vivo screening tools
• PBPK-based approaches to model oral absorption

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Course Objectives

This new comprehensive AAPS online training course was developed for those interested in learning more about drug development for oral candidates. This course will step through the fundamentals of achieving good oral exposure. Upon completion of this eCourse lecture, the participant should be able to:

  • Discuss the physiochemical properties impacting oral absorption, including solubility, dissolution rate and permeability;
  • Explain how the gastrointestinal tract influences drug absorption from oral drug delivery systems;
  • Describe the Biopharmaceutical Classification System and its use in predicting drug disposition;
  • Discuss the importance of high hepatic clearance and its impact on pharmacodynamics;
  • List the advantages, disadvantages and specific purposes for using preclinical models involving rats, dogs, monkeys or minipigs;
  • Describe the challenges in pharmaceutical toxicology formulation development;
  • Discuss the role of physiologically relevant solubility and permeability assays with respect to the BCS and BDDCS classification systems;
  • Describe the relevance of enzymes, uptake and efflux transporters on the disposition of drugs within each BDDCS class;
  • Discuss the utility of projecting human pharmacokinetics and dose for new chemical entities prior to start of clinical trials;
  • Discuss the application of absorption modeling for understanding candidate compound’s in vivo performance; and
  • Explain how to build predictive models. 


The Division of Pharmacy Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. This program has been approved for a maximum of 13 hours (1.30 CEUs) of pharmacy continuing education credit. . Credit is based on documented program attendance and completion of an electronic version of the Program Evaluation/Post-Assessment with automatic electronic submitted of credit information to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
Universal provider number: 0073-9999-15-571-H03-P
Release date: March 23, 2015; Expiration date: March 23, 2017