With the support of AAPS members, donors, and corporate gifts, the AAPS Foundation is providing funds to support undergraduate and graduate students and assistant faculty members' research. In addition, the AAPS Foundation provides monies to encourage, inspire, and inform K–12 students of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Grants and Fellowships | K–12 Education 

Grants and Fellowships

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies are experiencing budget cuts which will result in a $2.8 billion reduction for research funding through 2021.

A cut of this magnitude will result in a 25% decrease in funding of new grants and a significant budget reduction for existing grants.

To meet this need, the AAPS Foundation is working diligently to ensure the pipeline of future pharmaceutical scientists remains strong through efforts to increase the opportunities for grants and fellowships.

AAPS Foundation support includes:

K–12 Education

The AAPS Foundation recognizes the strong need for a greater emphasis on science education. These efforts are necessary to increase the number of student candidates that have sufficiently developed skills in math and science to become the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists. To address these concerns, the AAPS Foundation developed a Teach the Teacher program, increasing outreach to K-12 students and also establishing ongoing relationships with high school science and math teachers around the country.

To learn more, visit the K–12 Student Programs page.