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The Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Research (CPTR) section provides the clinical research dimension within the comprehensive range of pharmaceutical sciences represented in AAPS and is concerned with developing knowledge and understanding related to the clinical use of pharmaceuticals (chemical agents and biological agents). The CPTR section serves as a forum for those scientists engaged in research on the therapeutics and clinical assessment of drugs and biologicals. This section addresses the rational application of pharmaceutical and related sciences in the clinical setting, including experimental design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials; regulatory aspects of clinical trials and drug registration; risk assessment, therapeutic extrapolation from animals to humans; pharmacoepidemiology; drug interactions; and, in appropriate populations, therapeutic efficacy/safety and the response to alternative dosage forms. The CPTR section provides an opportunity for interaction between scientists in academia, government, and industry who are engaged in clinical research. The section facilitates the interaction of AAPS members with scientists from other clinical organizations using joint formats such as symposia, workshops, and regional/national meetings.

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