AAPS AdvancesAAPS Book Series Proposal

AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences book series, published in partnership with Springer, is designed to deliver well-written volumes authored by opinion leaders and authoritarians from around the globe, addressing innovations in drug research and development and best practices for scientists and professionals in the pharma and biotech industries.

Within this form, we kindly request that you supply further detail on the scope of your book project idea. It will allow a full understanding of what information you hope to supply within the chapters and importantly outline the key points to be highlighted in marketing campaigns to support the publication.



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1. Aims & Scope 

Describe the proposed book: an overview of its rationale, coverage of topics, significance/relevance in the market, case studies, etc. A provisional preface will often cover this area, but it is not essential at this stage.


2. Market 

Who is the intended primary and secondary market (e.g., researchers, engineers, regulators)?


Will the book be applicable for additional audiences outside industry? Which professional associations other than AAPS would have members who may be interested?


Existing or competing titles in the field: how will your book be different (for example, your book may simply be more current or may cover subjects that were missed in the other books)?


3. Table of Contents and Organization 

If this is to be an edited work, how many editors will be working with you?


Provide a tentative table of contents with prospective contributing authors (and affiliations). 


 4. Format 

What is the projected length of your text in double-spaced manuscript pages?


Estimate of use of color illustrations.


Will you be providing electronic supplementary material (e.g., video) for separate hosting on our publishing platform?

 5. Schedule 

Within what timeframe do you think the manuscript could be completed for submission?


6. Reviewer and Consultant Suggestions 

Please supply names and affiliations of two specific topic experts who could give their views on your proposal.