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Congratulations to the 2013 AAPS Fellows and Award Recipients!  

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AAPS Awards

AAPS Awards Program provides a wonderful opportunity for scientists and graduate students to be recognized and honored for their valuable contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences. It is our intent that all award recipients will share their achievements by nominating colleagues or other individuals for future awards. Award winners are announced and welcomed each year during the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference or the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Opening Ceremony.

Please visit the AAPS Awards webpage to review nomination materials and selection criterion for our various awards.

AAPS Travelships

AAPS Travelships are available to enable individuals to travel to the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference and AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition meetings and present their research. Travelships are made on a competitive basis.  Applicants must submit an abstract in accordance with the AAPS Call for Papers to be eligible for a travelship. Please note that travelships are contingent on the acceptance of the paper for presentation by the AAPS Paper Screening Committee. Please note: The reimbursement will be issued to the winning individuals following the meeting, upon receipt of documented meeting expenses (e.g., copy of airline ticket, hotel receipt, meal estimates, etc.). The initial costs of registration and travel to the meeting will need to be covered by the applicant. 

Please visit the AAPS National Biotechnology Travelship webpage to submit an application. 

Please visit the AAPS Annual Meeting Travelship webpage to submit an application. 


AAPS Foundation—"Accelerating Science to Impact Health"

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists has established a premier information network for pharmaceutical scientists around the world. In order to have a greater impact in advancing the contributions of the pharmaceutical sciences to global health, a new philanthropic arm of AAPS has been formed—the AAPS Foundation.

The AAPS Foundation will enhance pharmaceutical science research and increase the development of scientists who are prepared to engage research with an even greater level of skill.

We encourage you to join us and contribute to the AAPS Foundation. It is more important now than ever that pharmaceutical scientists develop skills that will meet the world’s evolving health challenges; but these needs and personal development gaps cannot be addressed without dynamic and up-to-date initiatives. And the reality is that these initiatives, while making a positive impact, will require generous contributions from AAPS’ members and friends. Your support of the AAPS Foundation can help ensure that current and future pharmaceutical scientists are fully prepared to meet the challenges found in the discovery and development of today’s modern medicines.

Learn More and Contribute to the AAPS Foundation!