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Want to Learn More about DISSOLUTION?

Read this month’s AAPS Newsmagazine cover article, Dissolution Methodologies from Biorelevant to Quality Control: Bridging the Gaps.

Attend the AAPS workshop In Vivo Predictive Drug Dissolution/Simulation (Sept. 11–12). 

Attend the following sessions at the 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego: 

  • Short Course 4: Predictive Dissolution Modeling: Next-Generation Development and Release Strategy 
  • Dialogue and Debate: Clinically Relevant Dissolution Specifications—Is This Really Possible? 
  • Symposium: Spectroscopic Imaging for In Vitro Dissolution and Formulation Characterization 
  • Symposium: Optimization of Solid Oral Dosage Formulations Using Surface Dissolution Imaging and Raman Spectroscopy 
Take the AAPS ecourse Dissolution for Solid Oral Dosages.

Check out the September 2016 AAPS Newsmagazine cover article Moving toward Clinically Relevant Dissolution Specifications.

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